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“I would’ve lost heart had I not believed
You know all the plans You had for me
I would’ve lost heart had I not resolved
There is no good thing that You withhold

(c) “ Beautiful Story” by The Belonging Co


THE PATTERN BANGKOK: “You are what you share.”

“With a modern design concept, originally renovated from a clothing factory. The hotel’s design is inspired by its original routes – sewing machines and equipment, cloth and patches; bringing its core inspiration into the hotel and developing a unique concept and creating new experiences.”  ~ The Pattern Bangkok

There is no better place to enjoy the holidays than in the fresh room and lounge area of a newly built boutique hotel – The Pattern Bangkok.


We have our own personal tastes on architectures. I prefer and always find the little yet equally fashionable buildings with the quaint touch of modern and antique style.

The Pattern Bangkok has what it takes to qualify for my preference and maybe yours too.


Located just 5-minute walk from the BTS Station (Bangkok Mass Transit System) and a 15-to-20-minute travel through the Skytrain to the Central Bangkok, The Pattern Bangkok is a perfect escape from the busy streets of Bangkok and the best origin point to all the tourist spots nearby and along the BTS Line.

Screen Shot 2561-02-16 at 3.41.56 PM
Image source (Google Maps)


 Inspired by the family’s old clothing business, The Pattern Bangkok has emerged from their own clothing factory thus giving this hotel a unique touch and a personalized approach to all its parts from the smallest to the biggest elements.


The entire lounge area can be seen through the glass doors and walls, which matches the innate inspiration and concept of this place.

Upon entering this charming hotel, you will immediately sense its special intimate atmosphere that will make you feel welcomed as a valued guest and not just an ordinary visitor.

Information Counter

The friendly staff is very much willing to orient you with the hotel’s regulations and much more is that they can provide you with important information about the best places around Bangkok. They can also book a grab taxi or Uber for you to add to your convenience.

The Lounge


Breakfast is served at the lounge area from 7:30 -10:00 AM. American, Traditional Thai, and Signature Breakfasts are the choices they serve for a much-needed meal of the day.

The Bar



As clothes come in different sizes, the rooms followed suit. I usually go for S or XS sized clothes and I am so amazed at the fact that they have room PATTERN S and XS! I will go for their small rooms such as PATTERN S and XS if I travel by myself or with a partner.

They also have M for medium-sized room and L for, you know it, large-sized room. These accommodate larger number of guests. What more about their room? Bring your whole family and book a PATTERN XXL room for an intimate family bonding.

IMG_0409 2IMG_0416

The exceedingly well-maintained and stylish rooms come with high-speed WIFI connection, refrigerator, personal vault, kettle, TV with cable channels, free toiletries and the immaculately clean bed and beddings. Some of these rooms have boho-inspired hanging chairs personally picked by the owners.

The entire two-storey building follows a color theme that is best seen on the carefully chosen elements such as the comfortable wooden and luxurious chairs and couches, the serene and very posh pillows and beddings, the newest and most opulent cutleries, hair dryer and many more. They also have high-tech computers available for everyone 24/7.




I personally recommend The PATTERN BANGKOK for your next travel. It’s 100% ready to share with you a new experience of comfort and delight.

“You are what you share” ~The Pattern Bangkok





Tel: 662 437 3700, 662 438 7674
Fax: 662 438 2195


— All photographs and opinions are solely mine.

It Only Takes A Woman To Understand

I am committed to my gender and to all its intricacies – the springing of femininity during puberty, the sprouting of  sincere and the experimenting suitors, the possible character of being a wife, the precious chance of being a mom to a child and the dying of every active egg cell which lead to the drought of it – the menopausal.

I learned through time to embrace the webbed emotions of being a woman, the ever escalating responsibilities and great demand for maturity but not leaving behind the youthful spirit and state.

I realized that it takes a great woman to be a WOMAN.

So for today’s post, as the world is celebrating a day (a month) of love, I will be celebrating my love a great woman who I knew has been so great all these years.

My mom! 😊

My brother and I are living witnesses of how my mom showed us what a real woman is and what a real woman should be. This is quite personal to me as I am required to become a woman biologically and psychologically. My mom and I are each other’s ultimate confidante and I love it that way. I wouldn’t be this kind of lady if it’s not because of her who set the standard of being one.


So… It was half way through the last year when she told me something biological has taken place in her body. It’s something that only adult woman could experience and fully understand. She went through series of changing emotions and body reactions as caused by MENOPAUSE.

I couldn’t explain it fully how much discomfort she needed to go through and might still be going through at this stage. She gained weight, she had sleepless nights, slowed her metabolism and the prominent mood changes.

My youngest brother has been shocked by my mom’s mood swings because she has never been so easily irritated with his jokes and sarcasms but this stage just messed up her body functions specially her nervous system hormones that are responsible for mood and sleep. Hormone imbalances caused her to overreact to things that never used to disturb her.

As I talked to her and thought of her these days, I praise God for her life and for the coming of this menopausal stage in the right time of our maturity. This time that we can really understand what she’s going through as her children.

I thank God for allowing me and my two brothers to come to life through her, to experience the world and to enjoy living with her. 

She has been playing a great role – an incomparable character in my life.  As she goes through this stage and many more complexities that aging may bring to her, I wish and I pray that she’ll get through those with ease and grace. I’ll pray that I’ll do the same when time tells me that it’s my time.

So to all the women out there, I praise God for your lives and for your courage to embrace every single change in your physical body, emotions and situations no matter how much it requires of you. Be confident. Smile because it’s more beautiful than any curve in your body.


To the men who happened to read this all the way through this point, thank you for understanding and for loving the real woman inside us.

Bless your hearts!






‘Cause it’s Valentine’s Day or Hearts’ Day or Love Day, I would like to invite you all again to read this post I wrote a year ago…

—- I hope you’ll find something out of it. Bless your hearts! ❤️


It’s February, Love Month, and this write-up is a must. Nah! I disagree. I thought of writing this while in a public utility bus on my way to school out of the immense clatter in my mind. Not because I needed to but I wanted to.  Only one thing is for sure; that is, how I wish that when people type the words ‘love’ or ‘heart’ and ‘valentine’s day’ in search for images as decorations or quotable quotes for a Facebook status, they’ll come across this page and be able to take in something worth keeping in their selves and drive them to move.


It has all the intensifiers the dictionary may provide. I call it THE SUPERLATIVE. It is the only thing that remains undefined but can be enunciated by actions alone.

Many philosophers, scholars, educated even the uneducated but experienced individuals tried to give justice to…

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“When I think about your goodness
My heart is overcome
How could I begin to thank you
For everything you’ve done

(c) “Alive Again” by Planetshakers


For the past days and years, I have been writing about how wonderful the world can be and how a person is created beautifully. With doing that, the world just slapped me with the bitter reality.

I’ve written pieces with so much optimism, encouragement, and inspiration that I wish these could reach those people who need them on their most depressed time before they would decide to take their own lives.

There I said it.

I took all my courage pills to write this as I’m shaking whenever I hear or read about suicide. I may be overacting but this really frightened my inner self. How much more terrifying it is for me to talk about it.

I cannot imagine how much pain the person has been going through that he would choose to put a full stop to his own life story. I might never comprehend how much hopelessness has reigned over his heart that he could not bear to live another tomorrow. I am broken for the wasted lives.

These past few days, I’ve been reading several suicide stories and these crushed my heart — to the point that here I am now, writing this. Looking at the pictures, videos, reading the news melt my soul. If only I have the power to speak straight to their soul, I would and I will before they have taken any step to that horrible act.

Suicide is now a global phenomenon. World Health Organization (WHO) recorded death due to suicide in every 40 seconds.  Much more who attempted and failed. Suicide cases are mostly numbered by adolescents to young adults (15-29 years old) and some from other age groups. These were caused by many factors such as psychiatric illnesses, substance abuse, significant losses such as loss of job, a death of a family member or broken relationship and the loss of hope and the will to live. What makes this alarming to me is when suicide appeared to be the second cause of death among the 15-29-year-olds (the age group where I belong).


I seek more and more, these past few days, for inspirations that I wish I could tell these people before they make an attempt. I prayed and as I listened, God wants us to know that  He has given usHIS GRACE– His unmerited favor. What we ought to do is to acknowledge and accept it.

God’s grace releases supernatural strength within us to go through all the painful losses and the miserable pains. Such strength that will empower us to overcome. It ignites the determination within us to go through despite the sorrows.

God’s grace echoes in our spirit that He is within us and He enabled us.  Who shall be against us if we carry the power that rose Jesus from the grave? There may be giants in front of us, towering problems that may shake us, overwhelming pains that cause us to cry seas of tears but remember that those can never get any bigger than our God.

image source

He also has given us the gift of true family and real friends who are very much willing to listen to us. We just need to learn how to open up or at least show our real emotions. Enough of the masks. It is okay to be weak sometimes; perhaps that’s what we need for people to reach out to us.

If you come to the point of losing hope and wearying will, please be reminded of this truth. You are a beautiful creation. You are made perfect in your weaknesses. You are made to overcome. You have dominion over the earth and its dark entities.

I pray that we’ll break the spirit of suicidal tendencies.


Yes, I haven’t been in this situation of almost giving up on life but I believe God has given me a voice to inspire others as He gave it to all of us. Life is beautiful. We are given life to live for a purpose and to enjoy it and not to suffer. Problems in many forms are part of life to make us stronger. These should not lead us to take our own lives. We can never ever justify giving up.

As I write this, I’m hoping that we’ll always cling on to the grace of God that is unfailingly available in all of the seasons of our lives.




Thank you for the awesome responses and acceptance of my 5 Secrets of a Rose You Didn’t Know. Thanks for inspiring me. Bless your hearts! xoxo

5 Secrets of a Rose You Didn’t Know

We are all getting so obsessed with the coming of this second month of the year. There are some who would rather jump off straight to March (single bells!) and would choose to hibernate for the whole month (lol) yet most will wait for the midmonth celebration. So, let’s still welcome it with open arms as we cannot avoid its existence. (grin)

Hello February

So here we go, for today’s post.

Let’s begin with a get-to-know-each-other common question: what is your favorite flower? (If you do have one) or what flower causes you to marvel at its beauty once you see it?


Misconception:  Flowers are solely for girls. Truth: Flowers are for all gender though it is usually associated with femininity.

Why do I need to address this misconception? It’s definitely because this post is not intended to any particular gender only but to everyone who appreciates life and a rose!

roses knows no gender

I was on my way back to my classroom after a morning duty routine when I saw this full bloom of crimson red rose trampled on the basketball field with its stem unattached to it and leaves were all ripped off. Surprisingly, the flower managed to be so beautifully intact.

I picked it up and carried it to my desk as it rested on my palm. Fascination. That’s the only thing I could remember feeling that very moment I held it. Not that it’s the only rose I have ever seen in my entire life but how it brought one person into an awe of its beauty without the rose trying to be beautiful and how it actually directed me to take it from its place and influence my day without saying a thing to me.

As I looked at it almost all day, I pondered. I’m sharing with you the 5 secrets a trampled rose that you probably didn’t know.

1.It speaks through your heart without saying a word. There are so many messages that a rose can bring in into your heart; messages that are timely and appropriate to your current state or mood.

2.It mirrors who you are. It reflects how you see yourself. Which did you notice first – its flaws or its beauty? How do you usually calculate things around you? Do you usually measure the negatives over the positives or vice versa?

3.It’s naturally created with innate beauty just like you. Almost everyone appreciates roses for their beauty. It doesn’t mean that they do not have imperfections but you’ll appreciate them in the way they are. You’ll admire it just like that. The appreciation of your beauty must begin with yourself. Know your worth. You are of great value.

4.It is love per se. A rose could mean one thing or another. However, it radiates the greatest of these – LOVE. Every petal is an unfolding thoughtfulness.

5.It blooms for a purpose.  Even if I found it trampled on the ground, I knew, it served its purpose. I can’t picture out how much glee a heart which received it could have contained for a moment. It may be fleeting yet the purpose has been served.

Our lives may be fleeting nevertheless tell the world your story.

Be a rose that radiates love. Live a life that carries a message. Begin if you haven’t started yet to appreciate yourself because you are beautiful. Live a life with a purpose.

begin with yourself

One thing I want is to be just like this flower. I want to inspire people once they know me or even just encourage them with my presence without me pushing them to. I hope that I could influence other people’s lives even without saying a thing or so much to them. For what matters most is how we live our lives. Eventually, it will just create the message to other lives who witness our existence.