Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Then, pause. Every now and then, it's good to set a day for rest. Relax. Release all your concerns. Let go of your weariness. Take social media detox if that's what you need or ride a boat to a solitary place. Know that you can always press the …

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A year ago today 🙂
Cheers to those many square pegs in round holes! ❤

—- may this continuously inspire you. 🙂


‘Cause you’re short and you’re little compared to those who usually deemed to do it – so you’re not qualified. You’re hindered, you’re stuck, you’re unwanted, and you’re discriminated for sure.  You’re that square peg in a round hole. You just don’t fit well or maybe you just don’t fit at all.

In this world where eyes become so picky, faultfinding and hypercritical, we become so anxious about how we look and how we act. You become so concerned about what other people may say about the blood red lipstick you were wearing in the office on a Monday morning or that rugged ripped jeans you wear to a party of girls wearing skirts.

You might be aspiring of becoming a flight steward. You made all necessary preparations and earned the needed education only to find out on the day of screening that you are short of 1 centimeter for the…

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Lyriquote: 22.09.18

“Yes, I will run the race 'Til I see Your face Oh let me live in the glory of Your grace” (c) “I will run to You” by Hillsong ----PS. Be encouraged today. You're empowered to do something greater in whatever field you are in. Confidently run the race. Anchor your endurance and hope to …

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Lyriquote: 13.09.18

“A Father's heart that's for me A never-ending story Of love that's chasing me” (c) “Faithful to the End” by Bethel Music   --- P.S. There wasn't a single day that He didn't go before me. Not a single moment that He wasn't beside me. Not a single bit that He abandoned me. I am …

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The hardest thing to do is to wait. O yes, it is! Because we're living in the NOW society. Our generation can't wait. Waiting is a lost art.  That "I want it NOW" or "I gotta have it NOW". Everything becomes INSTANT. Instant gratification.  What we want we want and we want it NOW.  We …

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Lyriquote: 08.09.18

“You are who You say You are! In this moment and forever, You will surely be Everything You've ever promised” (c) “You Promised” by Corey Voss   --- P.S. They say promises are meant to be broken. However, I still believe in the power of promises; that it is meant to be fulfilled, that it …

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