#BBWBangkok2018: The Big Bad Wolf and I

If you happened to read The Red Riding Hood story , you were for sure once a hater of the Big Bad Wolf! Aside from he's a monster, he is a trickster of children! But guess what! This time, he made friends with the child living inside me! They're NOW OFFICIALLY friends! And not only …

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3 Things You Need When Traveling Solo

Hello August! (Excuse my late welcome 😄 ) I know you carry with you all the best things you can offer. This month's going to be a whirlwind of new responsibilities in a new environment. 😄 I have been on vacation for a while now and I'm loving and living it! (though I have lots of …

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He Said and I Believed

And the 205 days of this year have passed just like that! flick! Well, today's my dad's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PAPA!) and it's one of the reasons I am celebrating life this month! 🙂 July is my favorite month of the year for so many reasons. First, it's my birth month and last July 3, …

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