CROSSROADS: Taking Stock of Decisions

Think about some of the choices you have made in the last 24 hours…

There may have been big important choices, or small ones, or perhaps choices not to choose at all. Those count as choices, too!

One day, when I was sitting on a bench along two crossing roads inside the school premises, ideas about choices to take clutter inside my mind. Standing in the midst of those roads and deciding which one to take is same with the scenarios in real life. To indulge or not to indulge in another kind of business is faced by the businessman. For a teacher who handles naughty students, is it to punish them or not? And for a student, is it to seriously take his course or just wander around with friends? These are all choices to think about.

Sometimes the choices we are called to make are quite difficult and so, we make those with much thought. However, there are instances that we do things and we scarcely know why. And when we look back on our actions, we may say “I made a choice but I wish I had thought about it a little longer” or “I wish I had a chance to do it again”. But the thing is, we can never bring back those times. All we can do is make some changes out of the choices we failed to choose.

We are free to make choices. Our freedom is part of what makes us human. But we should always bear in mind that the choices we take have consequences in return. These choices are like crossing roads. Which road to take is for us to decide. Think more than once ’cause time is often the key to that life-changing decision.


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