Shattered & Wretched

Each time I see your bright eyes

I always remember all your lies

The words and butterflies

have flown with the wind

as love slowly dies.

Butterflies flee like the love you gave

Would happiness stay still if all had fade?

But why have you not carried all the memories away?

They were all bugging me;

they all just stayed.

Those memories of yours haunted me

Locked this fragile heart in vain

Where pangs of misery reign

and floods of bitterness prevail.

When will butterflies once again draw near?

When will happiness be in power?

When will words be so sincere?

When will great despair end?

When will memory abandon your name?

As tears run down my face

with this confining hollowness

To the wind, I wearily whisper…

“Take me out of this pool of pains”


6 thoughts on “Shattered & Wretched

  1. The pang of pool of pains pushing me to pine the pleasure of this plush pall of pale-painted passion…

    the butterflies die with the lies in thine eyes…

    still, love is darkened by the veils of sorrow…

    but the elusive light will glare the ghost of the cadaver of that love…

    mush…tsk! contagious.

    Nice! It’s moving, you could have put more imagery to emphasize the shatteredness and wretchedness as the title foreshadowed so that the lament of pain could be more gloomy and crestfallen.


  2. I’ve got no ideas of what you feel right now but isn’t it better to leave all of those “memories” and move on? Haha! i can still see that you are still bitter of what had happened on your past relationship… got to continue living!


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