As the cold wind embraces my body
and as the raindrops wet my naked feet
this search…
this quest reaches its peak.

thousand miles of walk
i don’t care much
Just to find you again
is what i wanted most

every step I take…
every move i make…
all are driven by memories
the two of us joyfully shared

we don’t care much of time
we don’t mind what others may say
we don’t know what our future may bring
no IF’s, no BUT’s, just the two of us.

where did you go?
my mind continuously wonder
with the pouring of the rain
these eyes tiredly weep…

will I be able to find you again?
will our love story gain its new page?
or along the way, I will unconsciously fall
for someone who made me strong
in times when your presence is what i long for.

-iamJIRAH (10-12-11)


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