“Words are like bullets; if they escape, you can’t catch them again.” I think this African proverb answer the question: should anyone post anything on their facebook accounts? Each person is responsible for his or her words. May it be written or spoken. When one realizes that words can hurt and cannot easily be “taken back,” then more effort will be taken to speak words that are helpful. Being careful with the words that one speaks is the main value of this proverb.


Facebook, one of the leading social networking sites, allows everyone to POST, to LIKE and to SHARE anything they desire to share with the public. Anything, in this context, may include inspiring and uplifting statements, tactless and upsetting messages or anything that may exist in an individual’s coconut shell. This “anything” may possibly reach every corners of the globe and may be known to every breathing creature existing in the planet since we only have a small world. However, this chance may cause social threats.

Yes, you and I can post whatever we desire to post, may it be out of our conscience or not or in pursuit of fair treatment or for whatever purposes. There are many reasons under the sun.   By simply clicking on the mouse, our friend or foe may receive our message in just a minute or less. That same message can travel across the seas and over the mountains and can be viewed by so many ‘net’izens. Moreover, that same message can uplift one’s life or worst, destroy another’s existence. At present, there are existing cases involving the use of these social sites in demeaning others’ lives. The misuse of this chance is socially hazardous.

My stand here is that everyone should remember that “One’s freedom ends when the other’s freedom starts”.  We’re free to post whatever we desire to post and express whatever we want to express. However, we should know that this freedom is limited and has its boundary. And every action we will make has its pros and cons. Think twice before posting anything. That’s quite enough. . Don’t be overpowered by your emotions.  Have control over yourself! We are liable for whatever actions we make and accountable for each other’s life.


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