ALMOST: A Date with Mr. Grim Reaper


How does it feel to be on a date with Him?

12665774_1139582336055026_2132681643_n             Two weeks ago when I was almost hit by taxi- my fault though to cross the busy roads full of speedy cars and buses running after time to get each of them to work in time; my fault that I disregarded the invitation of the footbridge for a two-minute date with him (well, to properly cross the bridge and to ensure I’m safe) – how sweet of you Mr. footbridge!

      My fault of not following the rules. (I love breaking rules, said my ego).

            And Yes, I was almost hit by the car! I could still hear the ear piercing sound of the car break against the wheels and road. The only sound which echoed in the street during that moment. It’s like a song-in-the-head syndrome that my head would play EVERY TIME I cross roads. From then on, I have this LOVELY music in my head, a reminder to be careful in crossing those roads again.

( So you still intend to cross the road illegally?, asks my super ego)

(It would be a lot easier for me to reach the other end when I do it, said my ego)

          Arggh! And the story was repeated, just this morning, around 6:30, when I, together with some other passengers who just came off the free bus, was about to cross the pedestrian lane (oh! You’re crossing the roads in the right spot, lassie) when one of the crowd walked faster than the rest and then a swift car hit her in a blink of an eye. She was thrown out some meters away! Right before my two naked eyes! I felt my entire body turned numb and my train of thoughts just stopped from hooting-and-going-around-the-track pace. My eyes were fixed on the woman.

Gracious God! She’s alive.

             She was taken to the hospital by the owner of the private car. Then I hopped into another bus to finally complete my journey to school. I was staring out of the window the entire journey. I could feel all my neurons were beginning to pump more vibrations for my consciousness to awake. I was totally shocked. I might as well say — traumatised.

Then I contemplate.

Are these events serve as warning for me? Are these accidents on the road try to tell me not to cross the road on that spot and its kind?

Well, maybe Yes!

But I’m not yet going with the Grim Reaper; not that I’m not yet prepared to die but I still desire to buy a house for my parents, to travel the world, to buy things which my mom ever wanted to have, to buy my dad the plane tickets for his international missions, to hang out with my brothers in malls and restos which we failed to explore and experience when we were still kids, to be engaged, to get marry, to bear and give birth to my son (daughter as second choice, whichever gender is a gift), to be a wife and mom, to be an owner of a learning centre, and many others.

In short, not now! Please, not now.

I almost got into a sweet dark date with the Grim Reaper, almost! But let’s leave it that way for now. I still got a chance to breathe. Cheers to more frequent crossing of roads (in a right lane, though. Lol)



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