The Perks of Being Short and the Ferris Wheel


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 As the excitement of seeing the sun rises from the west, the equally exciting feeling of riding a ferris wheel comes around.

       Whoah! The ferris wheel is fully-packed with minions, oh no!, muggles (thanks for the vocab J.K. Rowling)!

       How could it move fast with this load of Potterheads?

      I was able to help myself into one of the cabins of the ferris wheel! Gracious! We’re tightly packed! Nevertheless, I could still turn my neck with my head, of course, in a 180-degree rotation, seeing muggles of different ages, sizes, varying skin and eye colors, different hairdos of varying hair colors too, different fashion statements and status in the society.

       Now, the wheels move, with ease as possible. We’re moving in a snail pace now. But still I enjoyed watching these muggles.

I love too see their preying eyes fixed on somebody with annoyance, prejudice, pride, jealousy, bitterness and judgement.

       Especially, when a passenger decides to take off the vehicle and he has to pass through a huge number of mobs of almost butt-to-butt distance.

     Opps, I’m now being pressed against another person. Someone must be getting off the ride. Pushed. I’m almost pushed to the limits of distance – almost under the armpit  (lucky I am, no shameful smell underneath) of someone standing next to me.

     Well, the perks of being short.

       I love to watch their lips carved in their fantastically painted face as they twist and twitch as if they want to tell the world that what they see is annoying, or something worth a stare, or something blasphemous.

        The lips in their own way speak without words popping out of the vocal facilities.

Photo on 2-18-2559 BE at 11.31 AM #3
iamJirah@ZaloraTH  backpack (I coudn’t take a photo of myself in the bus so here’s a photo of me and the bag at my destination, my school, TSIS.

        Woohoo! I’m almost hit by the backpack of a guy who is in hurry to get off the wheels. By the way, I look like a preggy lassie on heels with my backpack in front of me. Not to mention it’s taking good care of my laptop, purse, etcetera. This simply stylish pinkish crafted from durable canvas with tumble design and a touch of velvet brown leather tab backpack from Hot Style of ZALORA TH matches anything I wear.

         So, yes, back to the ride.   I need to hold the gutter so tight now or else my fall would be an embarassment. I will not win a crown of Miss Universe by falling off the bus and recovering my poise back. Lol

          More miles we continuously covered. Oops! with these load of muggles, a grandma and grandpa getting into the bus is a who’s-gonna-stand-and-give-his-seat-to-the-once-young-person-so-people-would-be-in-awe-of-his-kindness scene. Thrilled of who’s going to pay respect to the old and be the STAR of kindness, a lady among those “GENTLEMEN seated tightly on their butt” stood and offered her seat. Not a single man in my vision paid a glance and offered his own seat. Well, I couldn’t blame them because of what the women asked for – Gender equality. If a man can stand in a bus why does woman cannot. Pros and cons. Yes and No. Black and White.

        The wheels move in its much slower pace.

         Still, I love the ride. A wandering shvibzik like me wouldn’t mind standing in the bus just to see those picturesque scenes of varying emotions of people and nature.

         That’s for now. I’m going off the ferris wheel now, I wish it is, same goes to the other passengers. I hope they enjoyed the ride and seize their day.

         The ferris wheel turns in the right pace after most of us gets off. Swoosh! Gracious feet!


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