Papa and Mama in their own Walt-Disney-Kind Lovestory

As a lady who dreamt to have a fairytale-like love story, I wanted to write it with…

“Once upon a time, a solitary lass (who will later find out that she’s a princess) was singing in the field when a young lad passed by her and was caught by her angelic voice…then they fell in love. Against the rude and envious witch and the richest of the richests princes in the land who deviced plans to separate them, they eagerly fought for their love. They got married, had their first born  and they live happily ever after. -The End-“

Once I told myself, when I was still 12, I wanted to have only ONE relationship that will last a lifetime. But the “once-upon-a-time-a-boy-meets-girl” scene has been repeatedly happening in my life. I got into four (4) ephemeral relationships and went over the pool of pains made by the break ups. After those stories of heartbreaks, I told myself, I hope the one I have right now, in My Creator’s Will and Plan, would give me the fairytale ending that I wished, dreamt and prayed for.

Well, having this kind of mindset about wanting to have a fairytale-like relationship was not just because of the influence of the Walt Disney’s Stories but mainly because my naked eyes and ears have witnessed a story of a couple similar to what I pictured myself and my Other Half would be in the future.

Fortunately, I was this couple’s daughter.


Yes, my own mom and dad played the princess and prince roles in their own Walt Disney kind of love story.

I was awestruck the first time I heard about how they started – the real battle for true love.

They met when they were 13 and 17 (if I’m not mistaken, mama and papa’s age accordingly) in a Bible school. Papa has his girlfriend that time and Mama stayed single until years passed. Mama was 16 when Papa won her heart ( sounds cheesy ). By then, the Creator wrote a love story beyond compare.

Their 5 years of boyfriend-girlfriend relationship has won the approval of almost all the people around them except my grandma and uncle Franklin (the mother and brother of my Mama to whom I hadn’t laid my eyes upon).

My mom with her extraordinary charisma plus her golden voice, her charming smile, her genuine loud laughter, her flawless skin (during that time and partial this time), her life ( as sugarcane harvester and sugarcane sweets maker) has been woe by so many young lads in her times. One of them was earthly rich and had won the approval of my grandma.

This made things complicated for their relationship.

One of the strategies of Papa in winning Mama’s “Yes” was writing love letters. I’m lucky I have seen some of the letters. These love letters came as often as a daily subscription to a newspaper! Mama fell in love with Papa’s words of affection.

However, Grandma noticed about these letters and for couple of instances she received Papa’s love letters and BURNED them to ashes. Mama cried when she found this out.

Papa as clever as he is wrote his letters again but using a pseudonym as sender. It happened that the pseudonym he chose was the name of my mom’s best friend (Irma, who later marry mama’s nephew). As the love letters came to Grandma’s hand, she gave them to Mama with ease.

As Papa and Mama continued their relationships, rumors and gossips were just around the corner. Issues like they were “immoral” have been travelling from mouth to mouths with no cost. One of these unbelievable and invalid accusations was that they were seen exchanging bath soaps while taking a shower (while in two different cubicles). Wow! Immorality at its finest?! Lol

Well, those are just shallows. Then, 4 years have passed, them being together, Papa decided to propose to Mama. Here came the engagement day, Papa and his whole tribe ( family and relatives) came with bunch of tributes to Mama’s family to settle the concerns for marriage. When they were in the living room of Mama’s house which happened to be situated at the shoulder of the Mt. Isarog, Uncle Franklin came drank and with bolo in his hand summoning Papa and threatened him of being killed if he will not flee. Mama told Papa to jump over the window and depart from the place. So he did.

What an engagement rite! Fierce!

However, that engagement led to their marriage – A marriage that every lady would wish to experience (excuse the faulty generalization).

Everything was set. Everything ran smoothly during the processional EXCEPT for one thing. GRANDMA DID NOT SHOW UP. She stayed in the house.

Mama accepted this fact with mixed emotions. The wedding ended smooth though.

So, yes, they’re married and have their own kids. We, the Triple Js, have been their crown of thorns and crown of precious jewels. We went through the coarsest tides of family life (the experience of drinking warm water and it’s called dinner) and the finest of it as well (living, loving and laughing out loud to our hearts content).

We never had our own cemented house built on our own lot. We rented and most of the time borrowed a land then papa would build a bamboo house for us.


Real talk. We call ourselves – NPA – No Permanent Address- due to the call of Papa and Mama’s ministry. They are both pastors. The three of us were made (I’m laughing while writing this) and born in different areas of Camarines Sur. These truth made the three of us AWESOME! lol

Years passed by, as swift as I could finish a litre of ice cream, still we’re living humbly under our Creator’s mercy and grace. We’re blessed more than what we deserve.

IMG_20140411_094824Beyond those stories of struggles for the name of Love, the affection remained true up to these days.  My eyes are living witnesses of how they express their submission towards each other, their longing – their love for each other as a whole.

I would still see papa embracing mama for no reason at all, just hugging and squeezing mama so tight . I would still see them kiss especially when one needs to go far away. I would also see them cook for each other. I would still hear them talk of their future plans. I would still hear them worry about each other when one is away. I would still see and hear them pray for each other. Moreover, I still see them serving God together.

They are, in their own way, has been proving to me that when you are fated to be One, nothing and no one could hinder God’s wonderful plan.

Arguments and disagreements just made their relationship stronger. Problems arose to add colour to the already colourful relationship that they have.

Papa and Mama proved to me that a happy ever after story can happen.

They played their roles well. Their movie has been showing in the Cinema of Life for almost 28 years! The Director and playwright must be proud of them for sure.

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