Journal Entry No. 3: The Fork in the Road

It’s Sunday morning, 5:52 A.M.

I again found myself contemplating, overthinking as what my Other Half would say. I can’t help it because I always found myself in a fork.  I’m always confronted by many not-so-easy-to-decide-on matters. Well, everyday we’re either in an easy-to-decide-0n fork or in a why-on-earth-you-have-existed fork.



I hope my neurons would not fail me in this overthinking act I in right now. What’s important is God, My Creator, will never leave me unarmed of the necessary wisdom and courage I need. Faith on Him, in its grandest level, has been the best weapon I have. Everything happens in His purpose and Will, this is what I believe.

By the way, it’s Sunday, Worship Celebration is on its way. I need to brace myself up in ushering the brethren in creating an atmosphere of praise for the Lord to move.

SUNDAY is a date with My Creator!




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