New Paradigms: On Becoming a 21st Century Educator

With the rapid advancement of technology and the tremendous change in the face of the Education system, TEACHERS are left unarmed of the necessary teaching skills and weapons to counter this rigid battle against the educational necessities and problem which are yet to unfold.

But, thanks to some scholars of Education who devote their time to formulate and devise new, suitable-to-the-days-needs teaching methodologies and strategies in order for the Educators of today to battle this 21st Century abrupt change in Education face.

I’ve been in various seminars and workshops  from two countries, Philippines and Thailand (wow! Now, I can say that I reached different countries,  4 out of the 196 countries of the world. 192 to go!) and all were about 21st Century Education.

Various teaching paradigms from different resource persons have been the core of the said seminar-workshops.

Just recently, in my newest school affiliation, Thai-Singapore International School, situated at Sumrong-Nua, Muang, Samutprakan, I had attended a seminar-workshop on TRANSFORMING LEARNING FOR THE 21st CENTURY with my co-teachers from different parts of the world. This programme’s primary purpose was to arm the teachers of today with various skills and strategies necessary for them (us) to cope with the demand of the present educational system.

The event highlight was the talk of Mr. MR GAN CHIN HUAT PK, PPA(P), PBM. He is a veteran educator, having served more than 28 years in the public and private education sectors in Singapore. He concurrently serves as Senior Deputy CEO of Touchstone Education Holding and Director/Principal of Touchstone International Institute, Singapore. He is also the Managing Director of Olive Education Consultancy and the President of the Association for Cultural and Educational Exchange as well as a Life Associate Member of the Singapore Academy of Principals. He is concurrently the Vice-Chairman of Coleman College, Singapore and chairs the Academic Board of Coleman College. He is also Advisor to Singapore FOZL Group and an Associate Trainer at the Singapore Civil Service College.

With these qualifications, he has proven in his workshop that they are not mere extensions in his name. He filled the whole day of must-try strategies in the classroom which suit all subjects (if the teacher is creative enough to conceptualize and relate the strategy to his subject). All the participants involved themselves in acting like students and Mr. Gan as the Teacher. He ensured that the teachers learnt how to follow from simple directions to complex details of the strategies so we would be able to fully understand the concept by owning the experience. Thank You, Mr. Gan!

All but learning filled the day as the teacher-participants fuelled themselves with enthusiasm to participate and to learn.

I don’t want to spoil the various teaching strategies as we plan to bring these across the seas. Crossing my fingers for whatever lies in the days to come.

Learning by experience!

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As I take some personally-handpicked bitesized information from Mr. Gan’s talk.

“You only taught when the students have learned.”

Finishing the course syllabus, speaking in front of the students and performing the rehearsed speech for the day is not teaching without students learning from the discussion.

 “Inside the school, it’s called CHEATING. Outside the school, it’s called COLLABORATION.” ~from the video clip


With the dynamic resource speaker, Mr. Gan Chin Huat, as the seminar concluded.




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