It’s NOT about COLOURS: On Friends (Part 1)

I am usually picky about choosing colours especially for my garments and things. I found out that I love black ( elegance and mystery), white (purity and positivity) red ( my fave since I was a kid, my mom chose it for me; it’s fierce) and grey (neutrality).

Likewise. I’m picky about friends (except acquaintances).

For years, I would always find myself sticking with my girlfriends who have been with me through years. I have my dearest girls, my first batch of sisters from different wombs. We’ve been together (physically and virtually) for almost 11 years. WOW! We’ve surpassed the test of a decade!
Glory, Angeline, Nicole and Erna are their names.


Glory is the youngest and who’s been so picky with boys that up until now, she only has one ex boyfriend from high school and one ultimate childhood crush, D. She’s now working as R&D Engineer at NetworkLabs. She’s the tower of the gang.


Angeline, the whitest of the gals. Lol Her skin complexion which is as white as snow and lips as pure red as an apple, she’s not Snow White, she’s Crystal. The Crystal of the gang is now pursuing her degree as Doctor with her lifetime partner, MJ.


Nicole, the cool girl. The sweetest of all smiles. She just finished her degree of Engineering at Ateneo DNU. We would always bully her before but she has proven in her own way that she’s one of a kind. Congratulations, Nicz! Starbucks blowout!


Erna, my longest friend (13 years) and my relative (we found out 5 years ago as we both came from Blanquera Clan of Rinconada area), the girl who loves to pout her lips. Well, she says “I’m taken by my future boyfriend”. Picky as well, but we’ve witnessed her first love and her obsession with B. She’s on the peak of her studies as Agricultural Engineer at University of the Philippines-LB. This morena lady who loves to pout has a hidden gift in singing. Jing, wanna give us some tune?

As I picked friends those times, God gave me this awesome people. Our struggles of almost failing the Calculus Class during high school and our who’s-going-to-graduate-this-year questions during college years have made us tightly bonded of the friendship that surpassed the test of time and distance. Our future plan: TO CONQUER THAILAND and TOUR AROUND IT!


I will always be thankful that I have these girls! I JUST LOVE THIS GALS!

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2 thoughts on “It’s NOT about COLOURS: On Friends (Part 1)

  1. Hays! We always find friends everywhere but only few will remains and be at our side forever and will stand the test of time (sensya sa abusive conjunctions . Hahaha!). Even without their presence…heart strings attached. 😁


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