It’s NOT about FLAVOURS: On Friends (Part 2)

They said that what you intake is what defines your body.

I’m picky about food but not that much. I love almost 90% of the healthy and junk food around me. These vary from fruits to fruits (grapes are my favorite fruits, just saying), from veggies to veggies, from meats to meats (I love chicken gizzard which my mom cooks in oil, vinegar, soy sauce and condiments. We call it adobo style. YUM! Mouthwatering!), from pasta to pasta (carbonara delights!), from chips to chips (oh, I already missed NOVA and PIATOS Roadhouse for 11 months now), from ice cream to smoothie to shakes to Shakeys mojos and McDonald’s fries! They vary according to my own likings! Oops! I might foget the flavourful, eye-satisfying, tastebuds-watering pizzas! I love the super deluxe pizza that is packed with meat and seasoned with so much bell peppers, cheese and mushrooms.

The readers might say that I’m not having a goood healthy diet. I’m partly unhealthy in my own chosen way and healthy, which what the nutrionist would want to hear from me, in more ways than one.

As I become picky of the flavours of my pizza, ice cream and other food, I became more and more picky about friends. As I say, acquaintances could be anyone randomly chosen by My Creator for me to exchange glances with BUT my friends are selected ones according to own likings.

Erna, Glory, Angeline and Nicole will forever remain to be the most special batch. However, as I reached my college years back in 2010, God has given me another batch of friendships.

Not just one, not two, not even three and not only four but TEN!

TENtenenen! Gemma, Nicky, Jessa, Juvy, Giester, Maica, Rechele, Reyna, Roseann and Shane have been my lucky charm during my college years.

Gemma, “Onsoi”, my twin soul, who would randomly ask me, “Okay ka lang Jai?” (Jai, are you okay?) which I later found out that there’s a reason behind the question. We shared not only our insanities but our trying-to-cope-with-maturity things. If we were to be a character in children show, we’ll be B1 and B2 of Bananas and Pyjamas. Well, I’m the slimmer banana. Haha! She loves to sketch and write about things randomly. As a wanderer like me, Gemma loves to travel and soonest, we might be travelling the world together. Who knows?


Nicky, “Kuting”, this mischievous kitten that knows how to purr and talk at the same time, is a poet. As writer, she conquered the stage through her own inks and blots. Playful as she is, she will just crack out of normal days and everyone will just go with her. Her charm captured many lad. However, more picky than myself, she never had a boyfriend but got brokenhearted! Oops! Spoils!



Jessa, “Pot”, he big sister of the group (but she’s not literally big), has been the most responsible for everything in the group. She would provide us with the care that we need. She would also provide us with the hideouts for cutting classes and sleepovers! Those days… This “let’s go!” lady has proven that she’s tough in her most softest side.



Juvy, “Labs”, the cutest girl (she would say) and the majorette of the group, would always invite us to sleep. Kidding! She just want to conquer the world with her motorbiking skill. With the smile with matching twinkling eyes, she’s woe by many boys. We shared our love for food and our contest of getting slimmer has just started!



Giester, “Kararu”, the spirited lass, has been so dear to me. The time just made our friendship stronger over the conflicts and circumstances. Sharing of secrets is just normal and saying “Miss taka na” (I miss you) is but a normal act for us. Being a young mom now, just made me proud of her. Vanvan is a trophy bigboy, indeed! I miss them!



Maica, “Maimai”, the Rapunzel who doesn’t want to lay down her hair, is one of the sweetests in the group. The photographer who is always out of the photos is a conservative lass. We would always tease her because of her frowning face. But believe me, she’s warmhearted!



Rechele, “Gurl”, the newest addition in the group but never new to our hearts. She made things easy for me. I don’t know how to explain this but she’s full of optimism. This very responsible lady has shared extra happiness in the group.



Rose Ann, “Beyb”, she’s another sweet girl in the group. She’s strong and has this “don’t you dare mess up with me” personality. Her zesty side made her way through the group. Some good news about your love life, beyb?



Reyna, “Reyns” the Queen of all Transformations. Why? It’s because from being the MOST CONSERVATIVE in the group to the most DARING as she joined a beauty pageant! Almost all of us got shocked as she transform from a pupa in the cocoon to a butterfly. She’s also the queen of superstitions. HAHA Someone who just crack out of nowhere, Reyns says “hoo! huruto na!” *ring a bell girls?!



Shane, “Sha”, the slimmest of us all with the blessed noseline! She never shared that noseline to me! HAHA. She’s cute in her own way and as jolly as most of us. Living with her dad alone, I could say she’s tougher than I am.


As a group, we’ve gone through ups and downs, wars and peace, fun times and not-so fun ones, heartbreaks and found-love moments.

We love to GO OUT, SWIM, EAT and MAKE FUN OF OTHER PEOPLE but never below these people’s belt – the main reason we’re called The BULLIES! 

Long way to go, more memories to make and more laughter and cries to share. Cheers, Bullies! See you soon!

As the old adage says, “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.” Now, I’ve told you, can you tell me who am I?

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