Beat the SUMMER’s Scorching heat

Hot and humid air breeze. Rain is less to none. Salty smell of wind on nearby shore. Ladies flock together with their colourful and stylish swim wears. Men with built up muscles walk around for show offs. Children run over to floats, sand shovel and small pails imagining how they will make the sand castle and putting up flags on its zenith.

It’s SUMMER. Indeed it is!

Scanning my Facebook homepage added to the drama. Facebook could tell you almost everything about people’s private and public lives. I saw series of photographs of my friends in the Philippines while they’re on their summer escapades. I miss the falls back there.

Some of my friends went to the places I love and where I found myself playfully drowning the little child inside me who loves fresh and salty water.

Let’s do some flashbacks…

  • @Consocep “Tumagiti” (Drizzling) Falls, Ocampo, Camarines Sur (2014)






  • San Sebastian Black sand Beach, Lagonoy, Camarines Sur ( 2011 & 2014)





  • Kinahilugan Falls, Lagonoy, Camarines Sur (2014)








  • Hiwacloy, Goa, Camarines Sur

Plus, the  overrated pool visits…

  • Naga City Civic Center Waterpool



The feels…

Filled with true emotions of fun, excitement, adventure-thirst, mother nature adoration and the love of those people I spent the summers with, I thank the Creator for bringing this picturesque scenes alive and real.

In my stay here in Bangkok, I wish I could do the same as the Summer kick its start with this very hot temperature. 34 to 36 Degrees Centrigrade! Wow! I’m HOT! Oops! It’s hot!

While in a holiday mood, two weeks off from work, waiting for Songkran Festival on the 13th, I’m filling my thoughts of our escapades-to-be.

Well, it matters not how expensive is the place or how cheap is your summer getaway outfits. What counts is the satisfaction of the escapade as you spend it with your loved ones and friends.

To our hearts’ content, let’s beat the summer’s heat!









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