366 Days: A Story of Once Upon a Time

***I owe myself this write-up…

“Life is a great adventure or nothing.”   ~Hellen KellerPhototastic-5_1_2016_d7d990d8-51f6-44ad-8550-72dd7c40d451

It took me 366 days to finally and wholeheartedly embrace where I am now.

The 26th of April 2016, marked my first anniversary with my new-found love (as I said in my previous blog) – THAILAND. Oh, gosh! This event is a testimony of the old adage “Time flew fast when you’re having fun.”

Yes, I had fun and I’m having fun amidst all the flips of strips of the film of my life.

I cannot imagine how I coped up with all the dramas of being away from the family for the first time and being away in thousand miles. But I thank the Lord God for being with me all throughout this life-changing leap of faith. I’m so much grateful to the people who has been with since day 1 and made me feel accepted as part of their circles (as family and friend). I personally would like to express my deepest gratitude to my godfather and godmother (Ninong Rico and Ninang Vangie Robedillo) and their family who have been my guardians and family. Added to a getting-longer list of people whom I learnt to find comfort with is the GIFT Family (Good News International Fellowship – Thailand). This lovely congregation is filled with characters who are easy to build relationships with. These people coming from somewhere down the 7, 107 islands of the Philippines during high tide are blessed with good heart and spirit which made me feel comforted and accepted.

I also give credits to the schools – the teachers and my students who were kind enough to allow me to grasp the abrupt change in my teaching career. I thank them for teaching me to cope with their culture and with their own ways of teaching and learning.

I thank the young people almost of my age, who are also expats and became my sisters and brothers here, for the one year journey filled with laughter, food trips, making fun of anything under the sun and living life as responsible breadwinners for our families’ sake and for self-fulfillment and gratification as well.

Well. This journey where I am currently booked in can go a long, long way but I’m pretty sure that whatever it brings me, I’ll surely make the most out of it. It’s just a year passed. More years to go in here since my partner in life wants us to live in this country for good though the wedding might take in the Philippines. lol

Who knows what our future may bring us with our stay here? One thing is for sure, I’ll have my crown of snow here sooner or later.

I would say, I found home in a strange place.


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