Dear T. Jirah, : A one of kind letter

In this world of brokenness, pretentions, betrayals, immoralities and all the darkest schemes this place could ever have, I would remain so much grateful to my students for their kind souls, genuine affection, crystal clear conscience and untarnished innocence. If we could just remain as kids during our lifetime.

As a person who grew up in a family bounded tightly by love and fear of the Lord, I only wish that every kid would have a complete family with a responsible father and a mother. But the world failed me in this wish.

I have this skinny yet tall, tan-skinned sweet little kid who would always give me boxes of chocolates and letters of “I love you” and “Thank you”. I admire her for her very humble personality and her unquestionable obedience. At first I thought she should have an ideal family where she learnt and acquired these traits or she should have parents that really look after her wellbeing. However, it’s not the way I thought of it.

In one of those usual days when students come to me for the checking of their works or for seeking my help in their seat work, this little girl came to me handing out her book for corrections. The lesson for that day was about writing a letter to a friend and but not a mere coincidence she addressed the letter she was rigorously writing to me. Excitedly, I ran my eyes through the letters she scribbled on the page and really wanted to find out what interesting things she would want to tell me.

WP_20160615_13_49_00_Pro (2)And here is what I found in the supposed to be friendly letter,

Dear T. Jirah,

On holiday, I went to the sea with my mom and dad. My mom walked with her boyfriend and my dad saw some girls and the girls were beautiful and my dad want to do some fun things.

Your friend,








How on earth! That honesty!

It’s not that I overreacted but what’s happening in the world! Really? You, as a parent, would hang out with your kids and allowed them to see you with another person other than your spouse [their own father/mother]?

I have nothing bad against those couples that chose separate ways even after having kids. I have full respect to their decisions. But putting the kids in this awful situation would not benefit these innocent souls.

How would they take it to see their parents separately attached to another persons? As they grow old and mature, they might think that they can also have their own family, separate with their spouse when glitches cannot be mended or when they feel like doing so, take another man/woman as partner but still acting as parents to the kids and showing them how they actually lost the love for each other and displaying too much affection to a new person in public and mainly in front of them. And it would appear perfectly normal.

I do not know the exact reason why they chose to let their kids [my student, my kid] experienced this but I completely disagree with what happened. Justifications of the action may arise but whatever is implanted in these young minds in their early years will have its lasting effect on them and on their decisions when they grow up.

I just hope that every parent would consider their kids in every thing they will decide on. Being a parent and having a child is God’s precious gift. However, it’s a huge responsibility. I’m not a parent yet but as I see it, it takes a bunch of effort to stay good and right in the eyes of every child.

I thank God I have a complete set of parents who fear the Lord.



Proverbs 22:6  “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

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