God’s Will: The Best Recipe for Life

I’m living a life full of desires, dreams, goals and plans. Maybe, everyone does too! Everything is marked by my own willing, perceptions and biases. For so many instances, I decided on things and situations based on the extreme of the limits of my understanding with which I experienced things beyond my comprehension.  Preeminently, in all of those decision making, there went a deep Voice who would always remind me of something worth considering. In one of the life-changing decisions I made, that was when I went out of my comfort zone, I was almost drowned in a pool of questions but I was saved by the Voice with a simple answer – “Everything in My Will”.

And from then on, I allowed the Voice to have its way instead of  mine. I lost nothing; instead, I gained!

I’m sharing this journal entry – a life lesson I learnt to live by and hoping that one day the readers of these would be able to dig the diamond out of this.


Have you ever been asked by God of what you want to do? You might answer “No.” For God doesn’t change His plans to suit our own purposes or plans. Instead, He asks us to adjust our lives to align with His Will.

However, oftentimes we ask God to do the things we want and never ask God whether it is His Will or not. And most of the time, we only demand for something based on our own limited perception of things and situations. But, we should know that it is only God who knows the best for us.

Even when His plan might seem difficult or impossible, there will never be way better than His will. When we trust Him with a cooperative heart, there is no limit to what God can do through our life.

  • What we need to do in order to fully experience His workings:
    • Seek Him in His Word. His presence will saturate our heart, making it sensitive and teachable. The more we get to know who He is in His Word, the more we can understand His ways and will. It is in His word that we’re able to know His good and perfect plans for us.
    • Obediently and promptly respond to whatever God tells us to do. Being a human, we always look for security and benefits in all that we opt to do. We always look for a win-win situation where losing has no place. However, God calls as to obey Him “AT ONCE” without second thought. This, too, measures our level of faith to the One who commanded.
    • Walk in the Spirit moment by moment.By this, I mean, we seek to communicate with the Holy Spirit. Walk in His leadings.
    • Invite the Lord to examine our desires and intentions and change whatever does not fit His purpose or advance His plan for our life.

Following God’s Will often means changing of lifestyle. You may be an ordinary writer but God bring you into an extraordinary platform.

  • Break free from the strongholds in our life.
    • Have faith on the One who would not spare His only Son
    • We must have the willingness to let go of every stronghold which sidetracked us in understanding and living God’s Will. What are these strongholds? It could be our attitude, our relationships, our negative thinking and our judgments.

There are two requirements in following God’s Will – a Broken Spirit and Cooperative Heart. Both are essentially ready to abide and to obey. God can easily work in this area.

Many times, we find it too difficult to follow God’s Will in our lives because following His Will is not to say that the path is easy. But, He assured us that His grace is sufficient.

Walking in His Will

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