One of Bangkok’s Best-kept Secrets: FANTASIA LAGOON

What should I do for a memorable kick off of my one month break away from the students and the four corners of my classroom? Today is the last day of my work and after this, it’s totally my free day for wanderlust.

Well, I did it perfectly awesome with my crazy friends who fitted perfectly in an escape from normal routine with perfect weather condition (not too hot nor too cold), perfect budget, perfect mood and perfect spot – FANTASIA LAGOON at The MALL – Bangkapi, Bangkok.

I love swimming, especially on fresh waters, I love it to the fullest! I would always have a second thought when friends would drag me to the bodies of water enclosed in a cement and floor tiles. However, swimming pools  and water parks will always have their fascinating charms to attract me.

Who could ever think to actually build a gigantic water park on the roof of a mall?  This Fantasia Lagoon is actually is! I’ve seen it from the outside for several times when we got into the gym just across it but getting into this water park is another story to tell.

We took a 5-minute walk to reach the place and short gaze on a shop where taking selfies cannot be ignored.

Chloe, the cute baby of the gang, as she took her little strides. ^^


The FANTASTIC adventure of the shvibzik and equally crazy cool friends! 

Large for such a low entry fee, this water park is divided into several zones which suit all ages – Fantasy Fountain for the youngest, Pirate Cove and the Slider Tower for the more daring, and  Magic Jungle, Mystery Island and Ocean 10 everything in between. Also,  we had fun drifting along the Lazy River. All of these are full of water activities, games and fun features for a splashing fun day.


Filling up our tummies and bracing up ourselves for all the forms of thrills and fun as we unleash the childlike spirits within! 












 When the sky is the limit! 

I’m learning to be brave enough to wear swimsuit just like Chloe! (First timer here 😛 )

I found a perfect escape from the busy city life below. It’s Fantasia Lagoon! It will make you forget that you’re still in Bangkok – unless you’re brave enough to climb to the top of tallest slide and take in the breathtaking views of the city.

I can’t wait until the next wander-lusting! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


©Most Photos credit to the owner: Kua Dhel ^^

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  1. You look GREAT in a swimsuit!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. iamjirah says:

      Thank you so much, Ate Glenda! xoxo @theshortlittleperson


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