Coffee Diaries: Kick off Week of 2017

How’s the first week of your 2017?
I would say I spent it well.
No overspending.
No oversleeping.
With overeating. Lol (It’s normal for the first week of the year; though I barely know why my weight is fixed in 46.7 kg every time I would step on the scaling platform.)
I dedicated most of those times to my family and friends here in Bangkok and virtually with my immediate family in the Philippines. We went out, shopped (most was window-shopping :P), cooked, ate homemade meals, watched episodic series, rendered service to the church, went bicycling in a known park and threw the mess of 2016 out of our rooms.
I really loved the latter. As a person who has obsessive-compulsive disorder (medically unconfirmed but actions proven lol), I would love to have a fresh environment as this year starts – neatly kept bed adorned with newly changed cover pillows and cottony soft blankets. I love to throw myself into it!
How to have it? Most of the messages I heard this week were about it. So here’s what I learned and hopefully I’ll put these into action this year.
First, “Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead”. Some of us are still bondage of our pasts – broken relationships, failed dreams, unattained goals and unconfessed sins. Time may heal the wounds of the past but at some point it doesn’t work at its best because of the condition of the hearts. It only serves as a concealer for the scars of the past. However, God is just so good to inspire us with His promise that regardless of how bad we may have been, we can all come to Him and experience a reset of our lives.
Second, “Keep order in all aspects of your life”Who would ever want to sleep in a room where shoes, bags and used clothes are all over? Who would ever want to look at a laundry basket overflowing with used clothing which are not even properly folded and ruffled? Not my OC-self either. I think what we need is to evaluate ourselves – on how we spent our time, on how we arrange things, on how we decide on varying matters and on the “WHYs” of everything.
Third, and last, “Carry around a grateful heart”Being thankful isn’t just for the good times but also for the towering burdens and the deepest pools of vexations of life. Be thankful in everything, in all circumstances. Thank God for the people around you, for the food on your plate and for the year-old clothes in your closet.
I thank the Lord for this year, for my life and for your lives.
I wish you had the same great kick off. And, I only hope for a good finish, too!

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