It’s February, Love Month, and this write-up is a must. Nah! I disagree. I thought of writing this while in a public utility bus on my way to school out of the immense clatter in my mind. Not because I needed to but I wanted to.  Only one thing is for sure; that is, how I wish that when people type the words ‘love’ or ‘heart’ and ‘valentine’s day’ in search for images as decorations or quotable quotes for a Facebook status, they’ll come across this page and be able to take in something worth keeping in their selves and drive them to move.


It has all the intensifiers the dictionary may provide. I call it THE SUPERLATIVE. It is the only thing that remains undefined but can be enunciated by actions alone.

Many philosophers, scholars, educated even the uneducated but experienced individuals tried to give justice to the existence of this four-letter word. However, the more we hardly tried to, the more it bears complexities. There are many gestures humans do to show what love is subjectively and objectively. Some people would even spend time for a romantic gesture of love lock to symbolise the couple’s lasting love or just the simple clasping of hands while crossing a street or walking through the crowd.

Love locks in Asiatique along the coast of Chao Phraya River, Bangkok, Thailand
His and mine while on the mountains

Amidst the complexities of love, the only truths that remains definite are You love(d) and you are loved.

Putting it simply, all of us experienced the essence of this word and gave the reasons due for its existence. There are numerous ways to express love and to feel loved. Being in this world for 24 years, I am beyond blessed to see, to hear, to smell, to taste and to feel what love is and what it can offer.

I learnt love, first, from my Mama (mom). She didn’t explain it to me in words. We didn’t have a love class in our morning coffee dates. She showed it to me and to every single member of my family. These eyes of mine serve as witnesses of her acts of love. Her simple acts like – how she provides towels and perfectly ironed clothes every time Papa (dad) would take a shower before attending to meetings or officiating weddings, how she forgave and supported my eldest brother when he gravely fell and when he started his own family, how she traded her own life as sacrifice when my youngest brother got seriously ill and almost in the verge of death, how she guided me in every relationship I got into and how she prays for us and everyone who needs it up to the point that she wishes nothing for herself. How selfless love can be!

My mom and my niece

But more to it, the most selfless act of love I knew and received is demonstrated by my Heavenly Father when He sacrificed His only begotten Son to be publicly humiliated, harshly beaten, sadistically pierced and shamefully crucified on the cross of Calvary for the sins of men. I’m truly in awe of His love. I always ask myself – am I good enough for His love? Or do I always find the hammer in my hand nailing Him on that cross every time I disobey? God’s love is immeasurably greater than our shortcomings, disobedience and transgressions.


On Tuesday, most streets of the world will be filled with flowers, chocolates, couples and LOVE! All its expressions and impressions! Still, my words will never be enough to describe the love the world has and the kind of love the Lord has which is far greater than the world can offer. I thank the Creator for allowing an ordinary lass like me feel love.

To you out there, remember, You are loved.



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    —- I hope you’ll find something out of it. Bless your hearts! ❤️


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