BITE SIZE bio :)

Welcome to my very own blog 🙂

I’m still a novice blogger at this very moment. But because of my love for writing, I take the risk to venture in this kind of endeavor. Moreover, before you go over my posts, let me share to you a little about who I am.


                “Don’t try to be who you are not’- a principle that dictates this lady to stand for what she is and to be unique in every little thing she does. Yes She— delicate, simple and sweet – the lady with name JIRAH BERGANTIN, yours truly :]

Raised from a Christian family and the only girl of three children, I grew up longing for nothing. Defended by my brothers and supported by my ever-loving parents, contentment and satisfaction filled my whole being. My likes and wants are not that extraordinary. I am a lady who really loves singing though it’s not obvious.  I started singing when I was three years of age and had my first ever radio guesting at Gumaca, Quezon two years ago. Also, I’m a lady who craves for almonds, chocolates and ice cream.  Moreover, I’m a lady who likes pen and papers-things which I consider weapons. With these, I’m able to express my thoughts and to release all the pressures I have within me which I usually keep behind every smile I’ve projected. Those are not fake smiles. They are just my best way of keeping me firm and fiery.

Having a not so strong personality yet with much optimism, dedication and strong faith in God, I’ve proven my worth. I may not be able to cope with everything that is happening around me. I may not be able to please every individual who views me. One thing is for sure; I will always be lovely in the eyes of my Creator.

To end this, she is someone who values Character. You may be the most powerful, most influential and most beautiful creature God has ever created yet with poor character; you’ll just be nobody for her. A great Character will always make you more attractive than someone who only has great face but no substance. Always remember the quote that says “face catches attention but character captures the heart.” In this juncture I say, thank you for spending time reading this. Yes, I am her and Jirah is my name.


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