Lyriquote: 15.12.17

“Let the waters rise
I will stand as the oceans roar
Let the earth shake beneath me
Let the mountains fall
You are God over the storm
And I am Yours

(c) “I Am Yours” by Lauren Daigle


Exudes Cheer

It is definitely here.  It has arrived once again.

The time which we all have been waiting for (I’m equally thrilled).

It’s definitely the Christmas season! The mood of the world announces. I may be late to welcome this season but let me, please.

Christmas trees!

Christmas lights!

Christmas socks!

Christmas mistletoes!

Christmas tunes!

Christmas village!

Christmas presents!

Oh, how I love presents wrapped in different ways.

I have this attitude of collecting Christmas presents and keeping them wrapped until Christmas Eve. I always manage to control my excited self to open up the gifts once I received it (sometimes I would sneak a peak). So before the very Christmas day, one corner of my room will be loaded with boxes and bags of presents!!! AND it’s a repeat this time of the year.

I just finished attending two of the maybe many Christmas parties this month but the corner I have devoted to the gifts is already full-packed. Woohoo!

My love for the presents is as much as my love and recognition for the givers. I admire how they would tell me “I personally picked this for you knowing that you’ll like it” or “My child chose this by himself because he knew Teacher Jirah will like it.” Sweet! You know what? They all turned out correct. I love each and every piece!

palm springs, ca

To be known personally by the giver – your needs, likes, and preferences – is something that outweighs the price of their gifts.

As I opened up the gifts, all of them radiate the affection and the gratefulness of the giver. There my heart is full. From the personally handpicked sophisticated bookmark to the vacuum flask (because they know my love for coffee) to the many fashionable scarfs (I’m considering the thought of becoming a scarfs collector) and to the many other presents, it’s not the price of these things that matters now but it’s the attitude of the giver who remembers you in their own webs of people.

It’s the effort of finding the right present which values greatly this time. I know this by heart because I just did my own painstaking gift hunting yesterday; SO MANY things to consider when looking for the perfect gift that the receiver would really appreciate. It even gets harder when my picky-self tries to overreact in each of the things I am considering buying. My habit of imagining the reaction of the receiver when opening the gift is an absolute delayer. Lol.

All I want is for every little thing I wrap to bring a little tickle on a spine of the giver that will result in a smile or a gesture of “Yes, I like it.”.

Then the wrapping comes. Yes, I managed to wrap them all today. I am just so excited to see whether they will like it. (To check out for their reaction if it will turn out the same as I imagined or maybe not) I hope they will. I love gift hunting and giving as much as receiving presents.

In this time of the year when giving and sharing is but normal, I believed that a shared joy is a doubled joy. So whatever present we may wrap in a normal wrapper as long as it is out the fullness of our hearts, nothing can be worth more than that. As we adorn it with our ribbon of love, we may seal it as well with good wishes. Why not? It’s free! ☺️





P.S Thank you as well for the gifts of follows, likes, shares and the gift of dropping by my blog plus taking some of your precious time to read. I wish you more valuable presents from Life. xoxo.

Lyriquote: 13.12.17

“Behold the Father’s heart
The mystery He lavishes on us
As deep cries out to deep
Oh, how desperately He wants us”


(c) “Behold (Then Sings My Soul)” by Hillsong Worship

It is just so humbling to know that the One who gave His Son to die for our transgressions is still pursuing us desperately.

This love that passes human understanding.

This love that outweighs all human sacrifices.

This love – unconditional,



I am humbled.


The Ripple Effect

The imminent smell of the Bermuda grass, the chirping of the Maya birds, the clucking of the mother hen trying to gather her chicks, the whistling of the afternoon wind soothing the already sun-kissed skin, the floating of the wild dandelions, the swarming of orange dragonflies, the monotonous chirping of the crickets pleasantly attached to the Narra tree … the day is about to rest.

How I love this scenic part of my childhood years.

When I was a kid, my brothers and I would usually play alongside the riverbank or at the bay of any bodies of water or just the normal roadside creek. It was always one of those afternoons when we would drop pieces of our chips and waited until it was soaked with water and eventually painted a colorful rainbow or we would pick up some sticks or stones and threw them as we count how many leaps would it make. Whoever makes the most number of laps wins. I love the effect of each and every stone thrown into the water. One drop created many ripples, too many that watching it did bring a kind of excitement to me and wanted, even more, ripples so I would throw stone after stone. Well, some of the stones sank deep the water for missing the right angle. Still, I would try to make of those ripples anyway.

How eager I was that time to make such effect on the water, only the dragonflies knew 😂.  I can still picture out myself twisting my body to a right angle so as to give my hand a free space for swinging and eventually throwing the stones into the water. That eagerness that I know still reigns over my veins. That eagerness that sometimes I just kept in a box.

Ripples. These series of waves caused by a sudden movement in the water.  Ripples. The series of emotions and actions that is slight but noticed.

If we could only throw a little kindness that will ripple through many hearts instead of giving out a wormy apple maybe there will be more genuine friendships and relationships.

If we could only throw a little ounce of compassion maybe there will be a food on the plate of the beggar we pass by along the street even for a day.

If we could only throw a little bit more patience maybe we could save the waiter for losing his job.

If we could only throw a little bit of encouragement than icy daggers maybe there will be more sunshine on a stormy day.

If we could only… in every single opportunity. Trust me, I was guilty at some point but it’s never too late.  Everything begins with our simple act. I cannot remember myself throwing big rocks into the water to create the ripples. I still remember I had the small stones.

So, yes, we should never underestimate what a small act can create. That simple smile, the simple utterances of kind words, that simple tap on the shoulder or an embrace… It will make such effect that differs.


If we could just be all an agent of ripples in our simplest and most sincere ways, the world will be little better than it is today.





*P.S.  Thank you for throwing me your support. I have been receiving amazing feedback on this blog site over the past weeks. Thank you for dropping by and reading. God bless you!  xoxo

Coffee Diaries: Taking a Timeout

It is just so surprising how life could punch you hard in the middle of your good time.

One of my weaknesses is how emotionally stable I am. Many others would say that this should be taken as strength. Probably, yes, to many situations when I got easily inflated with disgust but decided to control it, when I was about to explode in a heated argument but chose to shut my explosion down and when I was about to enunciate bitter thoughts but chose to be quiet instead. Among the many times that I did it, I realized at some point I was poisoning myself.

While growing up I was thought to obey at all times, to respect people at all times, to regard the differences of people at all times, to be patient at all times, to be forbearing at all times, to be considerate at all times, to be self-giving at all times, to be fair at all times, to be compassionate, to be kind, to be open-minded. Name them all! There the list goes on and on. AT ALL TIMES – to the very extent of as much as I can do. Don’t get me wrong; I never ever regretted doing such.

However, today’s disappointment over a certain person was just overwhelming that I activated my emotional stability level and chose to sleep to give myself a timeout. I chose to shell myself and disappear in that very situation. As I was so disappointed, I kept motivating myself not to burst out by repeating a single line of a particular song in my head. There I go again, my usual escape from the bitter real-time reality.

But no, sleeping it away doesn’t make it feel right because I was nurturing for many instances but I know that I did the right thing in that situation. I am still troubled. My heart is yet to be healed. I was angry. That feeling of being taken advantage of was creeping inside of me and I don’t like the feeling. I know there and then that if I would not put an end to this thought, this will bring forth many more bitter thoughts. There and then message from a Voice came to me saying “Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on the cause of your anger. Do not give the devil an opportunity”.

There I got my answer.

I believe that emotions are gifts from above. My being an emotionally stable person is also a gift that I learned through time and still mastering it. Emotions are there to be recognized, to be felt and to be understood. I know for sure that there would be more and more challenges that will eventually put my stability to test. By then I’ll gear up myself, sip a cup of coffee and battle it off with a class. 🙂 🙂

Have you ever been so beset by an intense emotion? How did you cope with that? Did you drink coffee, too, just like what I did? 🙂




Ultimate Truth about You

I am writing this to the person who is always bullied in the canteen for being deviant, to the one who failed the board exam, to the one who didn’t make it through the graduation due to an ignorant decision, to the one who was not accepted in her biggest interview due to an inadequate experience, to the one who questions his self worth, to the who at some point was badly knocked down by circumstances, to the one who has lost the courage to face tomorrow with confidence, to the one who considers himself unworthy, to the one who is always rejected, to the one who is belittled, to the one who is lacking of physical capabilities, to the one who has almost given up life for many reasons beyond comprehension, to the one who is reading this. Know that …


You were fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalms 139:14). You are not just a nobody because, He, the sovereign is mindful of you (Psalms 8:4). You are His workmanship. He knew you before you were born (Jeremiah 1:5a, Psalms 139:13) and He has set you apart for a greater purpose (Jeremiah 1:5b).

So if you are at the lowest point of your life and you feel that nothing makes sense to you, be reminded of this.




7 Things I Learned From Listening

Whenever my dad would whistle, I knew in an instant that it is Him. I knew it, right there and then, that the modulated whistle that goes through the wind was from Him. It always told me one thing – go home. How much more when he talks!

That instant knowledge of whose whistling or talking is the product of my close relationship with him.

I don’t need to wonder if that was my dad’s voice. I knew in a split second whose voice that was and I knew what he wanted because I grew up listening to his voice.

Listening has been a challenging game in today’s world. There are so many voices we hear today; so many that listening becomes very difficult. Identifying which one to listen to is just so confusing. I personally experienced being so confused by the voices I heard especially at times when I was deciding on something. It was myself to blame that whenever I sought for counsel, I tried so hard to collect as many pieces of advice from people whom I deemed to be more experienced than I am. However, the more I gained advises the more I became confused. I got confused by which one was the best among the bests. Later I found out that I was listening to the wrong voice.

As I grew in my spiritual life, I have developed a lifestyle of proper listening. I developed the habit of seeking first His Voice – my Creator’s voice – before I listen to others.

First thing first, I learned to identify His voice among the so many voices of the world.

So here are the7 things I learned from identifying and listening to the voice of God.

1. When I choose to listen to His voice, He directs me to a step that is consistent with the scripture. He will never ever break His laws and precepts.

2. Usually, the decisions I make through the His leading conflicts with human reason. The enemy would always bring me to the natural normal thing to do which pleases him.

3. As I listen to Him, He reminds me of the truth that the decision I need to make should not gratify the flesh. I learned to say no to an instantaneous gratification of the flesh.

4. Listening to His voice affirms my faith and builds my courage. If my decision doesn’t call for my faith, I always feel uneasy.

5. It causes me to think of the consequences of my decision to others. As no man is an island, considering what this may bring to the people around me is one thing I learned to think carefully about. As I matured I learned to take the full responsibility for every action I made.

6. Checking out the lifestyle of the person whom I am taking an advice is one thing I also learned from listening. We usually have this “go-to” person or maybe people. But God warns me when I am already sidetracked by the things I hear.

7. The best thing I gained from listening to Him, there is going to be a calmness in my spirit. I need not worry or grow weary of something. A peace that passes all understanding will just overtake those things as a product of a right connection of my spirit with Him. Eventually, it contributed to my spiritual growth.

By spending time with my dad, I got to know his voice and the changes in the tones and the mood that goes with it. Same thing with God, we need to know His voice and to grow in a deeper relationship with Him so we can experience the awesome opportunity of being guided by Him.

He is inviting you now. 🙂