Coffee Diaries: The Decision is Yours Alone

I woke up today and I decided to fix my bed first and have my coffee next. It could be the other way around but I chose THAT way.


You decide on whether you’ll have a wonderful day or you’ll allow the problems to get into your skin.

You decide on whether you’ll smile at someone looking at you or you’ll ignore to meet his/her eyes.

You decide on whether you’ll tap the shoulder of your workmate whose spirit is a bit down for today or you’ll miss the precious opportunity to bring sunshine to that soul.

You decide on whether you’ll be mad at someone who accidentally hit you or you’ll accept his/her apology or just let it pass.

You decide on whether to finish your agenda for today or you’ll procrastinate and leave it for some other time.

You decide on whether to compliment the new shoes of your friend which actually look good on him/her or ignore the chance of blurting out appreciation.

You decide on whether you’ll continue reading this or you’ll just hit that back button or home button and deprived me of the chance to talk with you some more. (My pleasure you’ve come this far.)

You decide on whether you’ll look on the brighter side of your current situation or you’ll drown yourself in negativity.

You decide on whether you’ll continue writing (your hobbies) even if the number of your followers or admirers are dropping or you’ll be thankful that there’s at least one faithful reader who is constantly inspired by you.

You decide on whether to try something new or be engulfed by the same thing over and over again.

You decide on whether to keep breathing even if the air is quite suffocating or retire from it (which I hope you’ll choose to go somewhere fresher).

You decide on whether to fall in love all over again or be frustrated from your failed relationships.

You decide on whether to fully forgive or keep some traces in your heart and dig it anytime you want.

You decide on whether to move forward even if the tides are tremendously high or to slow down and eventually stop and be taken by the waves.

You decide on whether to dim your light or to let it shine.

You decide on whether to swim against the current or to flow with it like a dead fish.

We were created with free will. No one could still it from us and no one should. We were meant to have freedom of choices. The way we are right now is the by-product of all our decision-making processes.

So please do not allow people to dictate your life. You are meant to color your own wings. We make more than hundreds of decisions in a day. Take hold of what’s yours.

Bless your heart and your decisions!




Breathe-Then-Go Diaries: Seri Thai Park and The Introvert Self

Slowly but gracefully (lol), at 25, I’m becoming a 75-year-old grandma. Haha, You know?!

When you reached that point when you want to just stay still on the couch reading a book, a magazine or an online article, when you choose to stay in your private room recalling some good times and writing them on a paper or standing at the terrace watching riders and people walking down the streets or at a serene and quiet natural park lying on a mat with someone without you talking so much to each other but understanding each other’s hearts while staring at the sky, watching the birds and calculating the age of the trees surrounding you, surely, I am getting old but not my spirit.

I don’t mind being old if that will bring enough peace to my soul and my spirit. Truth be told, I think I am just knowing myself better this time. I am getting to know better the introvert side of me who only my mom noticed ever since I am three years old. I am now becoming like my dad. Haha.

So for the love of travel and natural park and for the pursuit of peace, I googled the net and found an old yet worth a visit natural park that is 15-20 minute drive from my place – SERI THAI PARK (Bueng Kum Park).

Screen Shot 2561-03-03 at 9.30.15 AM
Map Link

This large public pond is located at MoobanSahakorn, Serithai Road, Bang Kum District, Bangkok. It was mainly built to create a flood control reservoir for Bangkok which is known for so much flooding during rainy seasons. Later on, the park was developed into a park and a forest park as part of Bangkok’s forest project to celebrate the late King’s 50th coronation anniversary.

There is more to its history than that.

That moment we reached the place, I already fell in love with the peaceful welcoming of trees and the almost sunset sky. You can immediately feel the warmest EMBRACE OF NATURE!


Seri Thai Park is considered a home to many species of palm trees, Thai and foreign. It includes some rare kinds like Carpentaria palm and Bismarck palm.


There are scented flowering plants and fruit trees that filled up the area with so many sweet delights. The best place for gathering up extract for bees to make honey!


This is also a perfect place for biking (bring your own bike), yoga and meditation (bring your own mat), running and other forms of exercise. I really find joy whenever I see old people doing some aerobics.


One prominent downside of this park is the manmade pond which has been neglected and became very polluted. It’s noticeable since it’s the main part of this public park. I just hope that the government would pay attention to the rebirthing of this pond as ongoing renovations can be seen if you come and visit this place.


Nevertheless, this place offers so much tranquility and positivity. The relaxing mood brought by the trees, the bridges, the flowers, the birds, the sky, the grass and a  peaceful companion  – is everything for the spirit that longs for a still and calm atmosphere away from the hustles and bustles of the city life.


“Just living is not enough…

one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. “

Hans Christian Andersen

If you’re in Thailand and you’re looking for a peaceful environment, go and check this place. No entrance. Free parking space. It’s absolutely free! Taking selfies and groupies are free too!

Thank you for reading! Bless your hearts.





PS. All photos and opinions are solely mine. 🙂

Coffee Diaries:What paralyzes you today?

A year ago I wrote about what had paralyzed me.
I’m resharing this and wishing at a shooting star that this may break what stupefied you at some point in your life.

Bless your hearts! 💛
And thank God, it’s Friday!


No Coffee.

While writing this, I just happened to save myself from being groggy, dazed and stupefied for the final half of the day due to a caffeine deficiency. I made this disorder for myself due to an apparent change of force in my body for not taking a cup of coffee early this morning before I started working. This body of mine just set its own alarm of telling me I need an intake of caffeine or else I would again hear my students telling me “You’re like a zombie, Teacher Jirah”. I don’t want to be a coffee dependent  but the more I tried not to, the more I become one. 😛

Anyway, this is not about being a coffee addict. This is about how a simple thing could paralyze us. How about you? What paralyses you today?


Move forward.

I think this is something that is supposed…

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6 Reasons Why You’ll Fall In Love with the Sunset

Can you believe it? February is almost over with 4 days to go. I remember how I welcomed it with a post. We’ll be tearing the month off our calendar this year. Wow! Time flies indeed.

So here we go to another post today.

My younger brother and my boyfriend finds it funny seeing me dying to see the setting of the sun. Every day after arriving from work,  I would go straight to the terrace of my apartment and check whether the sun is on its way to conclude the day. And if what I see is freaking awesome, my boyfriend would hear my “WOW!”s and see me dashing through to get my phone and capture the sight.

Sometimes, he’d make fun of me by getting into the terrace before I do and pretend a wow and called me to witness a not so glorious sun setting sight. There he’d laugh. I don’t mind him laughing with my silly antics if that would make him happy. lol

Last Wednesday, I invited both of them together with my cousin to witness the sunset at Chaophraya River. I once blogged about going to the place, specifically in Asiatique, and fell in love (for the first time) with the sunset.


While on a boat to Asiatique, waiting for the sun to set fully.


My love for sunset is eternal. I have witnessed tons of sunsets but still would find the perfect place to watch it.

Every sunset is a reminder of many life truths. Here I listed some of the many reasons and reminders I have in mind and heart as I watch the sun paints hues of red, oranges and yellows and as clouds dance with the rhythm of sunsetting and adding more colors to my sunset sky.

“There is nothing more musical than a sunset.” ~ Claude Debussy

I am not sure if all of us could hear it. Sunset brings music to the soul and to the spirit. Sunset is a music on its own. It fills the heart with the music of inspiration, motivation, freedom, intimate affection and reassurance. It’s a music of revelation and outpouring of emotions.

“Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully.” ~ Kristen Butler. 

Perfect inspiration! Not all sunsets may not be so glorious in human sight but watching it conclude the day is a beautiful phenomenon that not everyone could witness. It is still a beautiful day after all.

“Every sunset is an opportunity to reset.” ~ Richie Norton

Everyone needs a reset at some point in our lives. And as we stare at the sun as it sets, calmly it reveals the opportunity to have a pause, to think, to be silent, to introspect, to overcome or to hit that reset button for a specific area of our lives. It provides a very apt atmosphere to decide on trying something new and giving life more chances to reveal its beauty.

“It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream.” ~Bern Williams

Dream dreams. To dream is free. To dream is a way of self-discovery. A discovery of the deepest desires of your heart. To dream dreams acts as an anchor of life – an anchor to move on, to keep going and to work until it comes to fulfillment.

“Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn.”  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

A hope and faith for a brand new beginning. For God promised a life worth living, He positioned the sunset to remind us of His promises – His good and perfect will for us.

“From the rising of the sun to its setting, the name of the Lord is to be praised!” ~Psalm 113:3

Not only the sunrise but also the sunset speaks of God amazing love, gracious mercy, powerful nature and wonderful creations. Sunset paves a way to humility, to a genuine surrender and to the utmost praise of heart that finds comfort, relief and encouragement.

I wish and I pray that each and every sunset of your life will be meaningful, that it will be an open door for you to reset if the time calls for it, that it will lead you to dream big dreams and to thank God for your life.

Bless your hearts!




Coffee Diaries: The Visitors

One day, INDEPENDENCE and MATURITY knocked at her door.

Without a thought, she rushed and opened it.

She was expecting them to come for some reasons.

She welcomed them in while wearing her rugged shorts and her usual red tank top.

Independence and Maturity came in. Delighted, they went straight into the heart of the room. There they saw CHILDHOOD, in its rugged shorts and its usual red tank top, too. The first visitor never left her.

There and then, they understood and eventually decided. “Let’s stay at the corner and watch her play.  We’ll take the scene once we’re needed,”  they said with glee.